ciarariley asked:

What's your dance story?

aye-i-can-watchme answered:

At school recess when i was 7 my friends maggie who had been dancing for a year and my friend emma who had probably been dancing for 4-5 years decided to teach some of us a figure dance, either an 8 hand or the bonfire, i cant remember, but it was so much fun and so i begged my mom to let me dance. Luckily, the school where my friends took it was right down the street from my house, so i began dancing when i was 8 in September 2006. I can still remember the day, i had a broken arm from the monkeybars and i was placed in the advanced beginner class with my best friend who i am still best friends with now, maggie.

During my first year, I competed in my schools feis and i think got 3rd in something. I probably did 2 feises after that in beginner then moved up to AB.

I barely scraped by to get out of AB, i believe i was in it from 2007-2009, and i had never gotten a first but at that point i didnt care, i wasnt really into dance, softball was more my thing.

Going into novice, I would get the occasional 3rd place medal, only doing 2 or 3 feises a year probably. I was an absolute nightmare out on stage, short tight ringlet wig, giant cardboard crown, huge ghillies, long socks. Oh, and by the way my dancing was horrible too. I didnt see any improvement for a long, long time.

In 2012, my teacher asked me to do trad set at the Oireachtas, and I was so happy. I thought maybe i was getting better, this really lifted my mood after i started not enjoying softball as much and no longer making the travel team. I basically had no clue what the oireachtas was, i described it as “a feis for fun, it doesn’t count for anything”. I learned st. Pats maybe 3 weeks before and it was bad for me. Oh, and i fell flat on my back in practice doing a hop out.
As you can guess i didnt recall (i assume) and didnt even look to see if i did we just left and got dinner lol.

The next month, i did a feis and didnt place at all, and i was devasted after thinking i had improved. So, over the next few months I started taking a second class and taking dance seriously. I even got a solo dress and a wig at worlds in boston! I had changed my whole look and hopefully my dancing! At the next feis i believe i got 2 3rds and a 2nd, and felt better but was hoping for 1sts.
I did a few more feises, same results.
At this point i had decided i needed firsts by June or i needed to find a plan b. at a feis in May 2013, i only got one medal, in light jig. I finally realized i was sick of being bad.

So, in late May, i transferred with my friends maggie and siobhan. Best decision i ever made and I’ve never looked back. My old school was good for me when i was younger, but i needed something different.
It was overwhelming at first, but i got the hang of it and was enjoying myself.
I did traditional set and a four hand at the 2013 O. I was a little upset with not getting a trad set recall, but i was only 2 away and my goal was not the o, it was to get out of novice. My four hand didnt either, but we learned and are ready for 2014!
A few weeks later i did my first feis back! I was so nervous, but hard work pays off! I got 1st in reel, slip jig, and heavy jig, and 2nd in hp and trad set! Next weekend i got my last two firsts!

In January 2014 i did my first PW feis and got 2 3rds. In march i got my first first and two months later i got my final firsts, after a hard month of practicing because i new how much i wanted to do the oireachtas! After spending 4 years in novice, 4 months in prizewinner was a breeze!

I did my first prelim in late May. I decided i wanted to go right into prelim bc i wanted to get comments about how i was dancing on this level. I didnt place, but i was only a few off. During the next month i did a bunch of prelims and only medaled once, and placed last twice. After June, i sat down and took a look at all my comments, and i was kind of shocked at them (turnout,cross,point toes) i had never had a problem with that in prizewinner. So i realized prelim was a big step up. I spent the next few weeks in my basement for 3 hours a day doing everything i could for a placement.

I was in tears the next feis i did, all hard work for nothing. 21st out of 24. The only thing good was i didnt get any technique comments. But from one judge i got my pesky timing comment (my biggest weakness in dance). I was so upset but i realized i had to put my disappointment into motivation.

Next weekend at the Maine feis, i was in tears again. But not sad tears, HAPPY TEARS. Now if you saw me there u might’ve thought i was upset, but nope. No placement, but i was 1 off! Sounds weird to be happy about, but my hardwork was finally paying off!

A few weeks ago at my most recent feis, i was 3 off but i medaled in my hardshoe. So im definitely improving and you WILL see me placing high this fall. You WILL see me get the recall at this upcoming oireachtas and you WILL see me dancing at 2015 nationals solos. I’ve come so far in the past 9 months, and nothing can stop me now.

Sorry this was super long but thanks for asking!



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