Anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most current skirt styles?

blueeyedrascal76 answered:

kk i’m really bad at explaining so I’ll give you some pics

Jolie Preece

Ella Campfield

Ellie Gannon

Ceili Moore

Erin McPolin

Mine (maybe I’m being a bit biased)






look I got a sash

Always in love with your hair

You’re perfect 😍

edits-irishdance could you draw this? Idc if I have to wait a year your edits are so amazing

Oh my gosh I would love too!

Oh my goodness thank you so so so much!!

Ciara Loughran

Cosette deBourbon 

Brigid O’Connor


Omq I forgot to add this last night -

credit to all owners of these pics: Jolie Preece (for her pic obvs), Shamrock Photo, Scohoon Photography, feispix, Jimmy McNulty and Milton Baar (I’m assuming one or more of these pics is by one of them)